Anxiety Emergency Kit

This coming week I might be returning to the office for one or two days. I don’t want to go but I know the longer I put this off, the more difficult the transition will be. To help with my transition, I am going to create my own anxiety emergency kit for my mental health.

Essential oils and diffuser – Nobody wants to sit in a musty basement and breathe in all the smells of a basement. To be fair, this basement is pretty clean and well kept but that’s not the point! Essential oils help me relax and put me in a better head space.

Adorable stress ball – I got this little stress ball that is a chubby dog in a yellow hoodie. It’s adorable! I will bring him to squeeze and lift my heart with his cuteness.

Good food – Who doesn’t love good food? I will bring some good snacks like almonds, crackers and hummus and something chocolate for a sweet treat. To take some of the burden off of me, I will order out for lunch. Packing a lunch can take a lot of time so ordering a take away is one less thing for me to do.

Happiness playlist – As a millennial, I love 00s pop and hip hop. Anything that was playing at a middle school dance are the jams that make me smile. Oh and of course I have to have my favorite k-pop tracks in there too! Have you listened to “God’s Menu” from Stray Kids? So good!!

Support plushie – I’m not ashamed that I am an adult that still enjoys plushies and stuffed animals. They’re soft and can make uncomfortable situations bearable. I think I will bring this BT21 Baby Tata or my hippo from Animal Kingdom. Decisions, decisions.

I hope that these few things will help me mentally handle this coming week.

How have you been mentally during this time? I wish you all health and happiness!



  1. Hi, found you from your post on suicidal thoughts on mental health at home and found it really inspiring. I think it’s a really good idea to have an anxiety emergency kit – it’s often the weirdest little things that can calm us down when the anxiety comes on! I also love how you’ve reflected and really thought about each piece you’ve included, it’s lovely to really take a minute to focus on why some things help you. Knowing in advance that I’ve got a few life jackets packed with me often helps me feel less anxious from the get go too – I’m going to have a go at writing my own emergency kit 🙂 Thanks!

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    1. I’m glad that my post on Ashley’s blog brought you here! That makes me so happy knowing that post was inspiring for you. Are you going to write a blog post about your anxiety emergency kit? I would love to read it!! Thank you for all your kind words! Stay well☺️

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      1. Yes! It inspired me to contact her as well, and she is going to feature a piece I wrote too! Finding it hard to write regularly at the moment but my anxiety emergency kit is definitely something I will be thinking about now, and will make sure to credit you if/when I do write about it 😀 Hope you’re well too 🙂


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