I Dread Returning to Work

On Thursday I go back to work for the first time since Dec. 23. My new job gives everyone the end of the year off, something I very much needed and greatly appreciate. Yes, we are paid.

I have been depressed since this morning thinking about returning to the daily boredom and anxiety that comes with work. I love being in my house and having my time be my own. It’s incredible to be so free!

How do I overcome this dread and be positive about it? I’m a pessimist by nature so seeing the positive side of situations can be difficult for me. Sometimes it’s easy but more often than not I can’t quite find the silver lining.

I hope you all have a lovely New Year!! I will likely post once more before 2020 so keep your eyes open!



      1. Hey, no need to feel like an ass. I was just trying to provide another perspective. Sometimes all it takes is another perspective to remember what you do have?

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      2. You’re very very right, V. I have been thinking about your words quite often and it’s something I definitely needed to hear. Thank you!


  1. Be grateful each day. Working brings income which allows you to have the lifestyle you want, the clothes ,the food, holidays etc. You meet new people and learn new things. If your job does not bring you this then it is up to you to change roles. Being happier in your role will make you happier all round. Do what makes you happy.



      1. Try to practice gratitude each day, just do a simple list of three things you are grateful for and soon it will become distraction when you are down and be a tool to lift your spirits. 🧡


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