Awkward in my Skin

As I’ve mentioned in my last few posts, I’ve been struggling with stress, anxiety and emotional eating. I sense that it is all about to peak if I don’t sort myself out.

At work I cannot focus on anything but wanting to leave and eating. I am struggling to keep my mind occupied with my work because the thoughts of stress and food become overbearing.

I have been feeling a tightness in my chest for most of the week and find it difficult to relax. No matter how many deep breaths I take, the tightness always returns.

As for the stress eating, it’s taking such a tole on every aspect of my being. Mentally I am beating myself up about it because I know better than to act this way. My skin looks awful from all the crap I’ve been eating. I am so bloated and feel so fat that I don’t even want to take off my clothes to shower.

I feel awful all around.

But I don’t know how to reset. I don’t know how to get myself back to feeling calm (ish) and eating normally again.

It’s a cycle.

The anxiety and stress constrict me then I eat to make myself feel better. Then I feel guilty about all that I ate so I feel stressed about it and it starts all over again.

Does anyone have tips to manage stress/emotional/binge eating? I could really use some solid advice.

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