A Sibling Rift

My brother and I have always been close since the day he was born. His birthday on March 29, 1995 is my first memory. Him and I growing up were always each other’s playmate and went through a lot together.

I don’t think I would have survived childhood without my brother.

Lately I’ve felt a rift between us. A rift that has never been there before in all our years as siblings so I’m not sure how to handle it.

Of course we have argued about everything, had physical brawls where usually he got hurt since I’m older (poor kid) and had general disagreements. But he’s never been so distant from me before.

Every Sunday we have lunch with our dad; this has been tradition since my parents got divorced in ’98.

Last week our dad was asking me questions about the house I’m buying, like any normal parent, but the entire time I felt very strong, negative energy radiating from my brother. The moment that conversation was over, the bad vibes vanished.

I know my brother doesn’t agree with my choice to buy a house with someone I’m not married to but in my eyes that’s no reason to create distance between us. We also haven’t spoke as often lately so I’m not sure how to interpret that either.

We have always been close so I don’t know why he hasn’t confronted me about what is going on. I don’t know if he thinks he’s too good for his sinful sister or what but I don’t like the rift that keeps growing.

I hope him and I can work this out. The last thing I want is for us to have our 24 year-long relationship to fall apart over disapproval.

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