Turning to Food for Comfort

For most of my life I’ve struggled with my weight. For years I took comfort in food which naturally resulted in weight gain.

I’ve hit this point in my life again.

For years if I was struggling with depression or anxiety I couldn’t eat. My stomach would be in knots or I wouldn’t be hungry. Now it’s the total opposite, like I’ve gone back to old habits.

I’m trying to lose weight for my brother’s wedding but my issue with food is very much getting in the way of that. I also am still recovering from a lower back issue so I can only exercise at a very low intensity with breaks between workouts.

Imagine if your 90 year-old grammy was exercising. It’s like that. (I love my 90 year-old grammy just for the record!)

I’m going through a period of depression and anxiety so I know why I’m comfort eating, but I don’t know why my body has switched from under eating to overeating.

What about you? Do you have a challenging relationship with food?




  1. Weight is a very personal thing. It would be wrong of me to say, “yes, you need to go on a diet.” Use a BMI calculator to see where you’re at. I use it once a week to know that I’m in the right range for weight (18.5-24.9).

    I have anorexic tendencies when I’m depressed and anxious (I don’t eat either) mixed with junk food binging so my weight fluctuates A LOT. I’ve managed to maintain a healthy weight for 7 years and I did this by shrinking my food portions which shrunk my stomach naturally. Luckily, this whole stomach shrinking process only takes a few weeks for the brain to adjust to this lifestyle change. Most days, I’m almost always full – hardly ever hungry. Days when I’m ravenous I know I need to eat. I don’t eat 3-5 meals a day and I eat at 2am sometimes. I don’t follow strict rules or count calories but healthy food just makes me feel better overall, so that’s what I mostly eat.

    A professor in university told me about this trick so I’m passing it along to you. I hope it works for you as well. Best of luck – weight loss can be a real b.i.t.c.h.



    1. I have checked my BMI and I’m right on the cusp between normal weight and overweight. Hahahaha weight loss is a bitch!

      I lost over 30 lbs in 2016 but it wasn’t the healthy way. So now that I want to do it the healthy way, my mind says, “Megan this won’t work unless you restrict yourself.”

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  2. I’ve often said the problem with food is that it tastes so good. :/

    I’m sorry about your 90-year-old exercise regimen. Losing weight is about what you eat, so you may just want to hide your dentures. 😉

    One of my most successful weight losses, I was able to mentally associate the bad foods (refined sugar and white flour stuff) with the unwanted gain. It made those things completely unappetizing.

    Good luck!

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  3. Yes. Currently on the Keto Diet. It seems that I always start strong but when I weigh and don’t see as much progress as I think I should have I binge eat. I keep telling myself to pay attention to other factors like clothing that didn’t fit a few weeks ago now fitting. However I just can’t get that number out of my mind. I don’t weigh everyday and really want to avoid weighing all together. It seems my body just doesn’t want to cooperate no matter what I do. Very frustrating.

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    1. I totally get where you’re coming from. I have struggled with my weight all my life and it is so so so hard to make any progress sometimes. I hope you find some sort of balance and can achieve your goals!



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