Taking a Break

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been very active this week on my blog, I feel like I’ve been going non-stop for days and haven’t had a moment to write for fun.

All week I’ve been getting up extra early to take care of some dogs before work and now I’m watching a different dog, this one I’ve been taking care of for years. Then of course full days of work, my chronic lower back pain has been annoying me and I’ve had general busyness after work too.

I took this upcoming week off and I’m so happy I did. I could really use some time to breathe!

My head is still spinning from this past week so I’m trying my best to calm down this evening. When you’re going on full speed, it gets exhausting by day 5. I keep checking the mental list in my mind with what’s next.

Once I get a good night sleep I am going to write about my back pain that has really become a burden in my life for a month.


We need some positivity so here are three things going well and what I’m looking forward.

  1. The new Jonas Brother’s album makes me grin from ear to ear 🙂
  2. I get to pet cats tomorrow
  3. No work for an entire week!

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