So You Know Part 2

I know I just posted one of these yesterday but a new So You Know came out by Revenge of Eve! Check out the one from Mental Health @ Home too if you like these sorta posts!

  1. Do you see a therapist? If so, how does doing so influence your life?
  2. What is your favorite part of adulthood? Your least favorite (besides bills)?
  3. Are the government officials of your country trustworthy?
  4. How important, scale of 1-10, are leprechauns in the evolution of humans? 1-of least importance 10-required

Let’s go!

1. Yes, I’ve seen a therapist since September 2016 when I hit rock bottom. It has had the best and biggest influence on my life. Without my therapist there is a chance that I wouldn’t be here anymore. She has encouraged me, listened to me, helped me see situations from a different perspective and helped me to cope with my mental illness. With her help, I have been able to go from seeing her twice a week when I started to now going once a month. She is one of the most important people in my life.

2. My favorite part of adulthood is not having to do homework anymore. I loved learning in school but I totally hated doing homework, essays and projects. My least favorite part is that I still live with my mom and don’t have the independence I want.

3. Absolutely not. In America every politicians’ views are fueled by whoever is paying them off. I don’t believe most of them have compassion for regular people because their focus is on money and power. Why do you think many politicians “don’t believe” in climate change? Because they get money from oil and gas companies. Why have there been no dramatic changes in our gun laws? The NRA gives politicians millions to stand by their message.

4. I have never had this thought in my life.



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