So You Know (SYK)

I love doing these So You Know things! As I’ve said before, it makes me feel like I’m doing a post on the bulletin board on MySpace. Oh the nostalgia!

If you like these, check out ones from two of my favorite bloggers autumnskiesblog and Mental Health @ Home.

  • How was your weekend? Honestly.
  • Describe the clothes you are wearing now. Is this your normal Monday attire?
  • Do you work a 9-5 job?
  • Who do you look like, your Ma or your dad?
  1. This weekend was alright. I volunteered at a cat cafe, no humans were there so I spent time petting and playing with the cats. My goal was to be more social through this volunteering but that hasn’t happened yet. I also picked my bridesmaids dress for my brother’s wedding. I was a bit nervous about trying on dresses because I gained some weight which has been a struggle all my life. But everything was fine!

    My family has been irritating and it’s quite draining mentally.

  2. I am working so my usual work attire consists of black trousers, a nice top and boots. It’s pretty damn cold today so I chose long sleeves.
  3. Technically I work 8-4 but yes. I used to have a job where the hours weren’t always consistent so I like the routine of the same schedule every day.
  4. I look like both my of parents but I think a little more like my dad in the face. I have his nose and head shape while I have my mom’s eyes and hair.

That’s it! I hope you are all having a survivable Monday!



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