Mental Health & Feminine Health

If you don’t like to hear about periods then this is not the post for you. I have some other great ones you can check out, just keep scrolling!

As a cis woman, I’ve dealt with my period since I was in sixth grade. I remember calling my friend Stephanie telling her, “I got my period!!” because that’s what middle school girls do. Well that’s what they did in 2004 so I don’t know what they do now.

Since then I have struggled with all the miseries that come with it. Especially as an adult, PMS and mental illness mixed together make for such a roller coaster ride of an experience for me.

It’s like putting two horrible things together, like olives and mayo. Both vile in their own special way.

PMS amplifies my depression and anxiety to heights that often leave me laying in bed with tears streaming down my face. All of those hormones swimming around give my mental illness a megaphone where it shouts so much louder than it does when I’m not on my period or PMSing.

I’m getting my period next week so I have been extra sensitive about everything. I’ve had two days where I laid in bed for over three hours because my depression and anxiety was so bad. I tried to make myself feel better by watching an anime but that only made me cry more!

For years I have dreaded that special time of the month because of how much it messes with me. I’m not sure if I’m the only one out there who goes through a similar thing but if you know what it’s like please leave me a comment!

If you struggle with this too, I hope that you can be strong in this!




  1. First of all I’m not a psychiatrist nor aspire to be one. I speak only based on my own experience.

    Now, let’s talk business ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I think you should start by fighting that dread feeling you have before every period.
    We’re woman and PMS is part of our nature. Is bad enough in itself already so don’t fight it and accept that’s your hormones fault and not a character flaw you have.

    Did you know, in my country, PMS is considered an important factor during the trial of some crimes?

    Regarding mental illness, well, we all know how bad this shit is and we already fight every single day to keep it “under control” the best we can. So, no shame in that either.

    If you mix PMS and mental illness you have to be a super hero to keep yourself together.
    What I want you to know is that there’s nothing wrong in staying in bed or cry your eyes out, everyone has their own way of dealing with whatever this hurricane throws at us.

    Give yourself a break and don’t panic whenever that time of the month is approaching. Just prepare your best blankets and tissues and accept that you’re already a super hero for fighting that whirlwind of emotions.

    I really hope I’ve helped at least a bit

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    1. Maria, I appreciate your words so very much!! You’re right, it takes so much to be able to go through PMS plus mental illness at the same time. Thank you, for reminding me that this is not a character flaw ๐Ÿ™‚ I like your idea of preparing before hand, get everything ready so I can land on a pile of soft pillows instead of the hard ground.

      That’s also quite interesting that in your country they consider whether a woman was PMSing. Where are you from?

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      1. I’m from Portugal, quite a calm place ๐Ÿ˜Š but PMS rage strikes anywhere ๐Ÿ˜œ keep strong Megan. I’ll be following your blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

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